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David Leach OBE (1911 - 2005)

1930 - Trained and worked with Bernard Leach at St Ives Pottery, Cornwall.

1933-34 - Teaching pottery at Dartington Hall, Devon.

1935-37 - Trained as a pottery manager at North Staffordshire Technical College, Stoke-on -Trent.

1937-53 - Continued working at St Ives, Cornwall.

1954-56 - Working at Aylesford, Kent.

1930-56 - Leach Pottery, St Ives, Cornwall.

1956-2003 - Established his own pottery workshop at Lowerdown, Bovey Tracy, Devon.

1970s - David played a pivotal role in setting up the Dartington Pottery Training Workshop.

1987 - Awarded OBE for his services to education and pottery.

2003 - Retrospective touring exhibition and book.

David was born in Tokyo, Japan. And came to England in 1920 for education at Dauntsey’s School, Wiltshire. He began an apprenticeship with his father at the Leach Pottery St Ives, Cornwall in 1930. By 1937 he had left St Ives to train as a pottery manager at Stoke-on Trent. On his return to Cornwall he was instrumental in changing over the kiln from wood burning to oil and also modernised the workshop to achieve a more profitable business. In 1955 he finally left St Ives pottery to set up Lowerdown pottery at Bovey Tracey, Devon. He worked there until his death in 2005.

David mostly made stoneware pots which included both domestic and individual pieces. He also made earthenware pieces until 1964. He is remembered for his Tenmoku bottles bowls and vases together with fluted pieces and brush decorated pots. He also produced a considerable amount of porcelain and even developed his own clay body recipe which was retailed for use by other potters (DL Porcelain). He is represented in numerous museums throughout the UK and abroad. The Round House Gallery has sold and exhibited his work for many years and continues to have pieces in stock for the majority of each year.



Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, Ballantyne Collection Castle Museum, Nottingham, Crafts Council Collection London, Potteries Museum Stoke -on Trent, Victoria and Albert Museum, London



David held numerous exhibitions in the UK and abroad. In 2003 The Round House Gallery loaned work for a retrospective exhibition which toured both this country and Japan. It was also accompanied by a book David Leach ISBN 0 903685 89 2 softback edition and ISBN 0903685 88 4 for the hardback edition.

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