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A hand cut Celadon glazed fluted bowl c1990. Purchased directly from David's pottery in Bovey Tracy. This is a pot which has a slightly waxy glaze which unfortunately is difficult to appreciate by looking at the photographs. The glaze breaks evenly and thinly along the cut edges with the depth of the glaze gathering deeper (creating a tonal contrast) where the fluting tool was originally cut into the soft clay. A makers mark (DL) has been impressed into the clay with the glazed wiped back before firing.  We would like to draw your attention to the interior of this piece where a cluster of small  iron marks are present. They have all healed smoothly within the glaze and are an integral part of the firing process. It is also worth pointing out that the glaze is slightly thinner at the rim which allows the lightness of the porcelain to show through creating a contasting hazy band.

Please contact the gallery for further details.

Free postage to U.K.

HEIGHT 7.5cms WIDTH 20 cms


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