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The Round House Gallery was established at a circular fronted Georgian building in Tutbury, Staffordshire. Hence the name. The aim was to promote the exhibiting and selling of leading craft potters work made in the UK. This goal remains unchanged over thirty years later. By 1991 the gallery had been selected by The Crafts Council for the quality of work exhibited. This acknowledgement helped us become more established and also increased the number of visitors and collectors beating a path to our door.

By 1998 a growing family and a developing business required more exhibition space. In 1999 we purchased Leah’s old family home and re-opened the gallery at Foston about four miles away from Tutbury. 


The gallery opened our first annual Baker’s Dozen Exhibition in 1990 which originally started with thirteen potters exhibiting thirteen pieces of work each.  By 2019 we had reached our 30th Baker’s Dozen which exhibited well over 169 individually made pieces of work. Over the years we have also held numerous individual exhibitions and group shows which has included:-


  •          Derek Emms 70th Birthday Exhibition 2004.

  •          Derek Emms Pots made by a Master Craftsman 2013.

  •          John Maltby One man shows in 2012 and in 2015.

  •          Chris Carter 70th Birthday Retrospective 2016. (work from 1979-2016).

  •          3D x 4D Derek Clarkson, Derek Emms, David Leach and David White 2017.

  •          A Pot in The Hand 2018 and 2019. Group shows with a focus on small works.

Mary Rich exhibition
Mary Rich exhibition


The gallery continues to source individual pieces for clients who have not necessarily visited us at Foston. Our location (which is close to the A50 between Derby and Stoke-on Trent) attracts customers from all over the UK.  With no actual footfall one would think that the position is far from ideal but after thirty years we still enjoy a lifestyle that is sandwiched between the wonderfully talented makers and our delightful customer base. What more could we wish for!



Weekdays 10.30am to 5.30pm

Saturday 10.00 am to 5.30pm


Please note that the gallery does close on occasions during mid-week when we are delivering sold work or out on buying trips as the vast majority of pieces are individually selected for display.


Telephoning first is a better option: 01283 585348. A warm reception awaits you.


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