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Robin Welch

1953-57 - Penzance School of Art, and at the Leach Pottery, St Ives, Cornwall.

1959-61 - Central School of Art, London

1965-2019 - Robin Welch Ceramics, Stradbroke, Suffolk.

Robin initially made thrown as well as jigger and jolley domestic ware with the help of pottery assistants at Stradbroke in Suffolk. However, from 1985 onwards he became focused on making individual pieces using thrown, slabbed and coil techniques. Some of these methods were also combined to create his robust individual distinctive style. Many pieces are thrown and altered combining wonderful textures and colours which were mainly fired to stoneware temperatures in a reduction firing. Numerous visits to Australia gave rise to an even more distinctive palette and also inspired numerous abstract paintings. Robin multi-fired many pieces and often used lustres to enhance his final forms. He is internationally recognised and can be found in many museums including the large candlesticks on display in Lincoln Cathedral.

A major selling retrospective was held in London just three years before he died in 2019.

Robin stocked our gallery for over twenty years and also took part in a number of Annual Bakers Dozen Exhibitions. Recent auction prices confirm that high demand still exists for his work.

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