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Peter Hayes

“My main aim in my work is not to compete with nature; but for the work to evolve within the environment.” 
Peter Hayes


We have permanently stocked work made by Peter for thirty years and during this time he has also taken part in numerous annual Bakers Dozen Exhibitions which have taken place every November at our gallery. He is internationally recognised as one our countries leading sculptural ceramicists and examples of his work can be found in many public and private collections at home and abroad.


Peter is widely travelled and has spent several years in Africa working with various tribes and village potters where he became accomplished in making burnished and polished sculptural forms. This has remained a significant aspect of his work as well as mastering Ruku firing and pushing the barriers by producing work on a much larger scale. Peter also uses bone china and porcelain together with a whole range of different clays to create contrasting textures within his repertoire. Bronze pieces also form part of his output along with combining materials such as coloured resins and stone. In recent years he has been travelling and working in India allowing a different environment and culture to influence his creative journey.

Work made by Peter has been sold at leading auction houses throughout the world.

Please contact our gallery for further information.



Bait Muzna Gallery, Muscat, Oman

Majlis Gallery, Dubai

Graham Gallery- New York

William Zimmer Gallery- California

Gallery Victor Armendariz- Chicago

Bourgainvillia Gallery- Udaipur, India

Gallerie Le Pignon- Netherlands

Beside The Wave- London

Porthminster Gallery- St- Ives

Blackmore Gallery- Lymm, Cheshire

Round House Gallery- Foston, Derbyshire

Available Works by Peter Hayes

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