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David White

David established the Thanet Pottery near Margate with his sister in 1961. It closed in 1967 allowing him to progress onto his next venture where he established the Broadstairs Pottery in 1968. This pottery was sold in 1983 to allow David to concentrate on making individual pieces. He is particularly remembered for his ability to make beautiful high-fired porcelain decorated with a blend of crackle glazes using a range of subtle colours. His work remains very sought after as it reached a technical and creative perfection that few can achieve. Early industrial work won him a prize for elegant design in 1960 which was awarded by The Duke of Edinburgh. These pieces now form part of the V&A Museum Collection, London. Our gallery stills holds a substantial stock of his work which remains mainly in storage. A few pieces are released at any one time. Please contact us for any further information.

David is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association

Available Works by David White

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