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Margaret Frith

David and Margaret set up their first pottery in 1963 and moved to their current home near Denbigh, North Wales in 1976. They were both trained by Derek Emms.


Both David and Margaret’s reputations are well established. David with his mastery of the potter’s wheel makes large pieces decorated with his personal style of brush and waxed motifs using heavy reduction glazes and often using wood ash. Margaret works in porcelain making individual pieces sometimes faceted, fluted or altered with decorative techniques using reduction glazes in combination with brushwork. They both make high-fired reduction pieces in an East- West Oriental tradition which they have developed in their own way.  Wood -fired pots have become part of their individual trademarks.

They have work in many private and public collections and have exhibited widely in the UK and abroad.  David has a number of pieces on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. They have both lectured overseas and have given workshops in Europe, Africa, India, America, Israel and New Zealand. They have also hold annual workshops where students can enjoy intensive tuition in the surroundings of their large pottery.


David and Margaret have both made a huge contribution to the development of modern studio ceramics in this country over the last fifty years. They have also had a significant influence with the development of The Round House Gallery since opening in 1989 and have stocked our shelves for over thirty years. They have also taken part in nearly all of our thirty annual Bakers Dozen Exhibitions held in November each year. David and Margaret appear on the front cover of Ceramic Review (December 2017) complete with an article inside. Work is available for sale at The Round House during most months of each year.

Margaret is a Fellow member of the Craft Potters Association

Available Works by Margaret Frith

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