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Barbara and Michael Hawkins

Michael and Barbara Hawkins concentrate on the making of thrown decorative and domestic pieces. They have a fabulous studio in the picturesque village of Port Isaac. Their coastal location influences a large proportion of their work. Shoals of Mackerel, John Dory and other fish often inspire the surface decoration of their work.

They use a combination of electric and gas kilns to make their pots. An additional third and lower firing is often added to apply gold and mother of pearl lustre to highlighted areas of their work. Michael was a founder member of ‘The Fisherman’s Friends’ which eventually took both him and the band to the main stage at Glastonbury and on to further fame when a full feature film of the same name was made in their honour in 2019.

Their distinctive style is easily recognised and has sold to collectors throughout the world. Barbara and Michael are both Fellow members of the Craft Potters Association.

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