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John Christie

John is a long established potter who works in the North of Scotland. He has developed an affinity for high-fired wood ash glazes which are mostly fired onto thrown domestic ware. John’s work has a freshness and timeless quality which stands out. Pots in exposed parts of the kiln show the effects of wood ash landing on unglazed surfaces (known as flashing) and for this reason many of his pots are left unglazed or partly glazed creating a rustic charm of their own. The glazes used on the pots are usually simple mixtures of locally dug clay, birch or rhododendron ash with various additions of feldspar. The quality of his work is embellished when used in conjunction with food. A simple tenmoku open fruit bowl uplifts its contents adding to the ambience of a room. It is a regret not to have stocked his work years ago and the gallery has benefitted a great deal in terms of the diversity of stock since establishing his work in 2018. Please contact us for any further information.

Available Works by John Christie

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