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Grainne Watts

Grainne has allowed the coastline of Ireland to become a major source of inspiration for her work as a ceramic artist.

She has collected and recorded 'natural treasures' which inspire her work such as weather eroded flotsam indented stones and a variety of different seaweeds.

In recent years, her work has developed into specific themes which she explores and expands through a series of limited editions. There are unifying sources of inspiration that run through each body of work. Many of these influences relate to colour, pattern and tactile marks evident in nature.

She works with both Porcelain and Stoneware clays and decorates her sculptural surfaces using layers of vibrant under glazes and slips. Grainne also uses polished porcelain and clear glazes as a subtle contrast working on delicately thrown and carved porcelain vessels. Various techniques such as thrown work and hand-building are often used in combination to create her distinctive work.

Available Works by Grianne Watts

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