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We host a number of exhibitions at The Round House Gallery. Here is a selection of some of the events we have held over the years. To ensure you are informed of future exhibitions, please join our mailing list on our contact page.

Mary Rich exhibition
Mary Rich exhibition 2

THIS EXHIBITION HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS AND WILL EVENTUALLY OPEN WHEN LIFE RETURNS TO NORMAL. Please contact our gallery for further details. You are welcome to join our mailing list to have a Private View Invitation sent in the post once a new date has been arranged. Thank you.

Thirieth Bakers Dozen exhibition artwork from 2019

Thirtieth Bakers Dozen Exhibition 2019.

A Pot In The Hand art exhibition art work from 2018

A Pot in the Hand Joint Exhibition 2018.

Twenty Eigth Bakers Dozen exhibition art work from 2017

Twenty Eighth Bakers Dozen Exhibition 2017.

Exhibition art work from 2017

3D x 4D Derek Clarkson, David Leach OBE, Derek Emms, David White 2017.

Art exhibition flyer from 2016

Twenty Ninth Bakers Dozen Exhibition 2016.

2016 Bakers Dozen exhibition

Twenty Seventh Bakers Dozen Exhibition 2016.

Chris Carter exhibition 2016

One man retrospective. Chris Carter Exhibition 2016.

John Maltby exhibition 2015

One Man Show. John Maltby Exhibition 2015.

Derek Emms exhibition 2013

One Man Show Derek Emms Exhibition 2013.

John Maltby exhibition 2012

One Man Show. John Maltby Exhibition 2012.

Invitations dating back to 1990

Early Private View Invitations Dating Back to 1990.

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