Sophie Cook

Sophie graduated in 1997 from Camberwell School of Arts. Her work can now be found in some of the most beautiful residences in the world having been featured in many home and design magazines. She lives on the Suffolk coast and this landscape continues to be an inspiration for her work.

Sophie uses porcelain which is precisely thrown and turned with great accuracy on the wheel. The development of her long narrow necked teardrop and pod forms have become signature pieces which are instantly recognisable. Her work is decorated in a spectrum of single colours which ranges from full gloss to subtle matt glazes. She has recently developed a new range of earth tone colours ranging from umber to a deep navy blue. Every piece is a challenge to make as porcelain is such a difficult clay to control on the wheel. Sophie therefore only throws a few pieces at any one time. These are left to dry for two days and are then turned to refine the shape. The work is biscuit fired before glazing and re-firing.

Her work is featured in permanent museum collections including the Geffrye Museum, London, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Manchester City Galleries. In 2002 she won the Adrian Sassoon prize at Chelsea Crafts Fair.


Sophie is a selected member of the Craft Potters Association.