A  thrown and altered  stoneware vase. This piece is decorated with an iron bearing glaze with isolated additions of a deeper Tenmoku glaze which gives visually textured highlights to both sides and on the rim.  A band of unglazed clay provides a toasted matt contrast to the semi-matt glaze towards the base. A personal seal (JHL) is impressed on the base along with the Muchelney seal. Please note that middle few letters of the  Muchelney seal are missing due to the slightly concave nature of the base. The main JHL seal is ver clearly visible. Work made by John Leach forms part of the V&A Studio Pottery Collection in London. It if featured in the British Studio Pottery book by Oliver Watson. ISBN 0 7148 8067 1. Other pieces are usually in stock. Please contact the gallery for further details.

HEIGHT 16.5cms x WIDTH 11.5cms x DEPTH 11.5cms.