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A beautifully thrown good sized stoneware bottle. It is glazed using a pale Celadon and has the characteristic Clarkson brush decorated motifs on both the front and back of the piece. Highlights of Tenmoku and burnishing gold have been added to enhance the design.  The bottle has been gently beated to a slightly flattened surface on both the front and back during the making process in preparation for the brush decoration. Work made by Derek can be found in the V&A London. A makers stamp  (DC) has been pressed into the clay near the base alongside a date code of 1989. The original £55 price dating to 1989 remains on the pot!

We have a good collection of work made by Derek. please contact the gallery for further details of available works. Thank you.

Sadly the price is not that any longer but we do not want to remove the label.

Postage to U.K. included

HEIGHT 19.5 x WIDTH 13.5cms x DEPTH 12cms. 


  • Postage is free within the UK only. Please contact the gallery first for International destinations.

    Returns. Please contact the gallery first within 7 days of receiving the pot to arrange a return. We do not pay the return postage and the sender will be liable for the safe return. Thank you. 

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