A tan stoneware crystalline bottle. The distribution of the crystals are consistently distributed throughout this narrow necked porcelain piece (except for a small diamond shaped break measuring 2.5cms x 2cms). This is part of the firing process and does not detract from the beauty of the pot.  Derek exhibited at our gallery a number of times and most memorably took part in an exhibition at our first gallery in Tutbury with Derek Emms in 1990 (called 3Dx 2D). Derek was an authority on mastering crystalline glazes and he wrote an article for the New Scientist explaining the complexity of creating them. He exhibited widely thoughout the UK until about five years before his death in 2013. We held another exhibition in 2017 called 3D x 4D ( Derek Clarkson, Derek Emms, David Leach, David White). The Derek Clarkson and David Leach pieces sold out on the opening day. 

Derek is represented in the V&A collection London, and is listed in British Studio Pottery The V&A Museum Collection pages 169 and 276. 

A makers stamp and a coded date mark is impressed into the base alongside (DC)  1991. Other Clarkson pieces are still available but this is currently our only crystalline bottle. Please contact the gallery if you require any further details?

HEIGHT 16cms x WIDTH 10 cms.