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Clive Bowen (1943 - )

Clive became apprentice to Michael Leach between 1965-1970. Towards the end of this period he spent time with Michael Cardew whose work in particular influenced his love of traditional English Slipware. By 1971 Clive had set up his own pottery at Shebbear, North Devon. It was from this point onwards that he developed his individual style of wood fired slipware working with Fremington clay and making slips from local deposits. A majority of his work is made on the wheel but he also makes other pieces decorated in the same way such as press dishes and tiles. Clive now has a worldwide reputation for the pieces he makes. He does not stamp or sign his work but the pots do have his recognisable style running through them like a stick of rock. His work is sold through exhibitions, galleries and leading auction outlets. Examples of Clive’s work are represented in the V&A London.

Available Works by Clive Bowen

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