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Julian King-Salter

Julian is a long established potter. After studying at Cambridge University he embarked on a career as a studio potter from 1983 onwards. He concentrated (as he still does) on making mainly asymmetrical vessels from coiling, pinching and stretching the clay. These forms are embellished with a build up of various glazes where some are  over lap each other to allow the kiln to go on to do the rest. His textured surfaces have become a trademark as he does not scrape, remove, or smooth the clay during the making process.

In 1992, Julian became a Professional Member of the Craft Potters Association and was then elected as a Fellow of the CPA in 1997. He has exhibited widely in leading galleries throughout the UK which has included:-

  • Amalgam, London.

  • Beaux Arts , Bath.

  • Courcoux and Courcoux, Salisbury.

  • International Art Fair, Olympia, London.

  • Peter Dingley, Stratford -Upon -Avon.

  • Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

During his career he has exhibited with potters such as Geoffrey Eastop, John Maltby, Mike Scott, and John Ward.

In 2000 he left England to work in Australia where continued success was maintained through mainly exhibiting his work. He has now returned to the UK continuing his creative journey.   

Available Works by Julian King-Salter

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