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Carlos Versluys

Carlos Versluys was born in Tangiers in 1950 and spent his early years in South America and Africa. His interest in ceramics initially developed as a collector. However, he finally gave up a successful career in advertising to work as a pottery technician at Chelsea, London. It was here that he gained first-hand experience of the technical and practical aspects of ceramics. Some of his early throwing techniques were coached by Daphne Carnegy, but otherwise he is virtually self-taught. We first exhibited his work in 1994 which was around the same time he established Vine Farm Pottery near Stamford. It was here that he started producing individual pieces which were mainly thrown and altered with elements of carved and textured decoration. His pots are made from grogged stoneware clay with an applied matt ash glaze. This creates his characteristic work which are fired in a gas reduction kiln to 1300c.


Full colour plates of his work can be seen in Ash Glazes by Phil Rogers.

Available Works by Carlos Versluys

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